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The Mediation Process

This is an overview of the mediation process:

  1. Contact is made with the mediator after it is established that the parties involved in the dispute or conflict are prepared to engage in mediation.
  2. Mediator assesses suitability of the case for mediation.
  3. Pre-mediation administration documents are distributed to the relevant parties.
  4. Mediator makes phone contact with the parties and arranges to meet with them individually prior to mediation (i.e. pre-mediation meetings).
  5. Mediation site is agreed upon and the joint mediation session is held. This is a structured process that can last between 3-4 hours and in some cases may involve more than one mediation meeting.
  6. If an agreement is reached by the parties, the parties sign the agreement and are each provided with a copy. Generally agreements reached in mediation have a high compliance rate.
  7. Post-mediation follow-up of parties is the final component to the mediation process.