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Why Dial-M?

Why Choose Our Mediation Services?

Mediation has “highlighted the need for more…understanding of the complexities of human behaviour in dealing with conflicts and disputes.” (Prof Laurence Boulle).

The Principal Consultant, Carolyn Manning is a psychologist who has worked in the corporate, community, government, private and health sectors. She is a Full Member of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators and has met all of the requirements for National Accreditation as a mediator. Carolyn has completed a two year university course in conflict resolution and negotiation rather than one of the many non-university based short courses offered by industry. She has published academic articles on mediation, presented at national conferences on this topic and conducted mediation awareness training at a national level for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.

Carolyn has a success rate of 100% when conducting joint mediations (i.e. all of these mediations concluded in agreements).

Carolyn Manning has worked with a range of individual and multi-party disputes involving staff and management, interpersonal workplace conflict, school/student/parent disputes, deceased estate disputes, family disputes, internal business conflict, harassment and bullying matters, athlete and coach conflict, property and relationship disputes. ). Participants at these mediations have varied from between 2 to 35 people.

She has conducted a wide range of mediations across a broad cross section of the community including indigenous communities, state police, the corporate sector, families, small business, not for profit sector and government departments.  Carolyn has also successfully mediated in complex collaborative law cases (pre-litigation) where barristers and solicitors have participated in the mediation process and the outcome has been a cost-effective alternative to the courts.  She has also conducted mediation awareness training for employers, insurance companies and ombudsman offices from around Australia.

By Carolyn Manning

Our Clients Talk about their Mediation Experience

“We have used Carolyn Manning for mediation in interpersonal conflict for some years now. Carolyn’s commitment and dedication in achieving practicable and durable outcomes has enabled us to resolve even the most challenging interpersonal conflict. This in turn has enabled us to minimise loss of productivity and maintain a healthy workplace.” BP, Group WorkCover Manager, Private Health Group

Both parties were “very positive about their mediation and felt it helped greatly. Their relationship… is back on solid ground. PC, Managing Director, National IT Company

“Carolyn is an excellent communicator and was able to hold onto all three parties in the room despite the many challenges and sensitive nature of this dispute. She was able to elicit their needs and interests, and skillfully managed the emotions and complex business arrangements of the parties and was able to reach an agreement that was satisfactory to all.  The feedback from the barrister and solicitors who represented the other parties was also extremely positive, and it was their first experience of working with a non-lawyer as mediator.” Marguerite Picard, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Founder Melbourne Collaborative Alliance

"We are very happy with the mediation result which was cost effective and the agreement reached at mediation was still holding. The outcome was positive for all parties concerned." Sally Nicholes, Founder and Principal Lawyer for Nicholes Family Lawyers

“I have found Carolyn to be a specialist in dispute resolution. Carolyn provides a tailored dispute resolution program which is cost effective, quick and most importantly produces long term outcomes.  Carolyn has facilitated many disputes and has enabled positive participation - achieving excellent outcomes for all parties in a short period of time.” LH, WorkCover and Injury Management Advisor, State Government Department