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Deirdre’s special interests are in setting up or auditing complaint handling systems and processes; establishing good governance practices in both large and small organisations; and in resolving disputes through investigation or conciliation. She is an excellent communicator with a commitment to helping organisations improve their customer service.

Deirdre’s approach is to build on the existing capacity and expertise of an organisation, and to enhance this with a custom designed system that demonstrates good practice and can be easily maintained and enhanced. Her philosophy is to work with the organisation to develop its own simple, foundation systems, whether for complaint handling, to satisfy compliance requirements or to improve administrative systems and processes.

Deirdre’s focus is on putting customer service at the centre of business processes, and she does this in innovative and responsive ways, depending on the organisation’s unique circumstances.

She places great emphasis on simple and effective communication, and developing ways to ensure that good communication is at the heart of an organisation’s activities.  Working with organisations to improve their communication with clients or their own staff, is an area where Deirdre has a strong track record, bringing together her experiences as an educator as well as a CEO.